Partnerships and Learning Exchanges

UBC’s Faculty of Forestry has a number of partnerships with universities around the world. These relationships, or Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs), most often manifest in student exchange agreements. However, the Faculty has a number of unique learning opportunities offered in partnership with Chinese universities, including a 2+2/2+3 transfer degree program as well as field courses that allow students to get relevant UBC credits. Additionally, Forestry offers field courses in India.

Students from Chinese field course, Exploring Forestry and Conservation in China on Nanjing city tour

Students from the Chinese field course, Exploring Forestry and Conservation in China on a Nanjing city tour

Conservation and Forestry Field School in India
This six credit, month-long intensive  forestry and conservation field  course was organized by Dr Suzie Lavallee (Department of Forest and Conservation Sciences) as part of the program in Natural Resources Conservation. The course was established through a well-formed partnership between the Faculty of Forestry and colleagues in India, including the Wildlife Institute of India. Every […]

2+2/3+2 Transfer Program Summer Orientation
Students enrolled in any of the 2+2/3+2 Transfer Program that UBC Faculty of Forestry participates in with select Chinese Universities get to spend a portion of the summer before their first year at UBC in an orientation program that contains lectures, indoor activities, campus tour, and field trips. It has been provided smooth transition for most of the students to get ready for their program study.

2+2/3+2 Cooperative Transfer Programs
UBC Faculty of Forestry has successfully developed 2+2 transfer programs with Nanjing Forestry University (NFU), Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University (FAFU), and Beijing Forestry University (BFU) since 2008. The cooperative programs include Forest Resource Management and Wood Products Processing (WPP) with NFU, Forest Sciences and WPP with BFU, and Natural Resources Conservation with FAFU. All of the programs have been approved by Ministry of Education (MOE) in China.

Exploring Forestry and Conservation in China Field Course
“Exploring forestry and conservation in China” is a four-week intensive group study program offered through the UBC Faculty of Forestry in partnership with Nanjing Forestry University (NFU). This program contains two UBC courses which provide opportunities for students to examine the current development of Chinese forestry, wood industry, and conservation through indoor lectures, field trips to nature reserves, visits to local industries and plantation areas.