Exploring Forestry and Conservation in China Field Course

Yixing Bamboo forest

Yixing Bamboo forest

“Exploring forestry and conservation in China” is a four-week intensive group study program offered through the UBC Faculty of Forestry in partnership with Nanjing Forestry

University (NFU). This program contains two UBC courses which provide opportunities for students to examine the current development of Chinese forestry, wood industry, and conservation through indoor lectures, field trips to nature reserves, visits to local industries and plantation areas. The program content includes vegetation and ecosystem, ecological and commercial forests development, biodiversity protection and management in global hotspots within China, forest policy and economy, commercial plantations, products processing, wood marketing and international trade, as well as the current development of forestland and forest tenure reform.

During the past 2 years, 23 students (20 from Faculty of Forestry, 2 from Faculty of Science, 1 from Faculty of Arts) became participants went to China by joining in this summer group study program. Their hard working and great team work has been recognized through their excellent term papers and group presentations. Through this summer group study program, students are table to receive transformational learning experiences that promote global awareness, meaningful engagement and cross-cultural understanding.

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