International Students

Yang Liu
Graduate Program: PhD Supervisor: Yousry A. El-Kassaby Country of Origin: China Yang Liu was drawn to UBC Forestry by its high academic profile and state-of-the-art facilities. His research focuses on an analysis of molecular regulation of seed dormancy in conifer and other species.

Xinxin Zhu
Graduate Program: Master of Forestry Country of Origin: Beijing, China Xinxin completed a Master of Forestry through the Faculty of Forestry at UBC. She decided on this program because she has a passion for forestry related issues.

Suborna Shekhor Ahmed
Graduate Program: PhD Supervisors: Dr. Valerie M LeMay and Dr. Gary Bull Country of Origin: Bangladesh Suborna is a PhD student from Bangladesh where she studied statistics at the University of Dhaka. She came to UBC Forestry to study in the biometrics lab where she is working on quantifying the impacts of tree breeding on three spruce species.

Richard Schuster
Graduate Program: PhD Supervisor: Peter Arcese Country of Origin: Austria Richard came to UBC to pursue a PhD in Forestry. He was drawn to the place during his Masters research, which took him on fieldwork to Southeastern BC. Richard appreciates UBC Forestry's unique conservation oriented research areas and the approachable faculty members.

Martin van Leeuwen
Graduate Program: PhD Supervisor: Nicholas Coops Country of Origin: Netherlands Martin is a PhD student at UBC Forestry who is originally from the Netherlands. Martin chose UBC Forestry to do research because the Faculty provided the opportunity to combine skills in multiple disciplines.

Juan Chen (Candice)
Graduate Program: PhD Supervisor: Dr. John Innes Region of Interest: China Candice’s study investigated the challenges facing the adoption of sustainable forest management and forest certification in China.

Ajith Chandran
Graduate Program: PhD Supervisor: Dr. John Innes Region of Interest: India and Canada Country of Origin: India Ajith's research focuses on understanding the complexities and finding solutions to improve communications between stakeholders. Ajith is currently undertaking a comprehensive doctoral research comparing communications in community forestry in India and Canada.

Ana Elia Ramon Hidalgo
Graduate Program: PhD Supervisors: Dr. Rob Kozak and Dr. Howie Harshaw Region of Interest: Ghana Country of Origin: Spain Ana Elia's research explores how the influences of social networks, trust, common norms, and gender issues affect community empowerment of ecotourism projects in the Volta Region of Ghana.

Olivia Sanchez
Program of Study: Natural Resources Conservation Country of Origin: Mexico City, Mexico Olivia is an international student from Mexico City, Mexico. Throughout her time at UBC, Olivia has taken advantage of the numerous international opportunities available through the Faculty of Forestry. She completed an exchange at the National University of Singapore, worked in Chile, and participated in the Exploring Forestry and Conservation in China course offered through the Faculty.

Jihoon Jang
Program of Study: Natural Resources Conservation Country of Origin: Seoul, Korea Jihoon is an undergraduate student studying Natural Resources Conservation at UBC. His hopes for the future are to make a positive contribution to the world by getting involved with global environmental issues.