Research Projects

Kahlil Baker
Graduate Program: PhD Supervisor: Dr. Gary Bull Region of Interest: Nicaragua Kahlil's research uses an interdisciplinary approach combining forest biometrics, land-use economics and social perceptions towards forestry to study the feasibility of using forest investment mechanisms combined with carbon finance to catalyze the establishment of forest plantations in partnership with smallholders.

Dr. Joleen Timko
Graduate Program: Research Associate Supervisor: Dr. Rob Kozak Region of Interest: Malawi, Ghana, Ethiopia Joleen manages AFRICAD (the Africa Forests Research Initiative on Conservation and Development), a research initiative that works in Africa’s forested environments to alleviate poverty and build livelihoods.

Juan Chen (Candice)
Graduate Program: PhD Supervisor: Dr. John Innes Region of Interest: China Candice’s study investigated the challenges facing the adoption of sustainable forest management and forest certification in China.

Ajith Chandran
Graduate Program: PhD Supervisor: Dr. John Innes Region of Interest: India and Canada Country of Origin: India Ajith's research focuses on understanding the complexities and finding solutions to improve communications between stakeholders. Ajith is currently undertaking a comprehensive doctoral research comparing communications in community forestry in India and Canada.

Ana Elia Ramon Hidalgo
Graduate Program: PhD Supervisors: Dr. Rob Kozak and Dr. Howie Harshaw Region of Interest: Ghana Country of Origin: Spain Ana Elia's research explores how the influences of social networks, trust, common norms, and gender issues affect community empowerment of ecotourism projects in the Volta Region of Ghana.