International Students

Maddie Crowell
Program of Study: Forest Sciences Country of Origin: Colorado, USA Maddie is an undergraduate student in the Faculty's Bachelor of Forest Science program where she enjoys the communal feel of UBC Forestry and looks forward to working on an undergraduate thesis project. In her spare time, Maddie takes full advantage of the outdoor activities that surround Vancouver.

Cory Wallace
Program of Study: Forest Sciences Country of Origin: Oregon, USA Cory originally came to UBC through the Faculty of Science, but almost immediately learned about forestry and made a quick switch.

Estefania Alejandra Milla Moreno
Program of Study: MSc Supervisor: Dr. Robert Guy Country of Origin: Santiago, Chile Estafania chose UBC Faculty of Forestry because of its academic excellence and the programs it has to offer. Also, because Vancouver is a beautiful city there are plenty of opportunities to explore the forests in British Columbia and observe the wildlife.

Carolina Chanis
Program of Study: MSc Country of Origin: Panama Carolina completed her BSc at UBC and was also in the Life Sciences Co-op program. She also completed her MSc in the Faculty of Forestry at UBC.